My terms are pretty simple and standard:


**You may use the graphics and or wrappers on hand finished “printed” items for fun or profit..
(This is for the purchaser of the graphics and sets only) It is not transferrable to a friend or relative.

**You may use in unlimited quantities as long as your finished product is hand made.

**You may not share, give, lend, or copy my graphics in any form.

**You may not post shares, snags or freebies of items made with my graphics on any forum, community boards, website, etc...

**You may not use the graphics or templates to put on CD's for sale.

**You may not slice and dice or alter my graphis/designs in any way (you may, however, add text, other graphics or personalize them in any way that you like as long as the original stays in tact. You may resize them or tube them to make them more manageablebut they must be resized PROPORTIONATELY)

**You may not share any tubes made with my graphics. Tubing is only allowed for better size manageability on your end.

**You may not use the graphics to design websites you sell to clients.

**You may not use the graphics to design business logos or trademarks.

**You may not use the graphics to design any digitized sets for sell.


If you want to use any of these designs for MASS production, please contact me first.