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S'mores wrapper set



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Comes with both S'mores and Smores spellings.


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Are you ready to make some S'mores? This is a cute and fun set that is sure to please everyone! Comes with BOTH S'mores & Smores spellings.

Set includes:

  • Mini bar (3)
  • Sandwich Baggy Topper (2)
  • 1.55 oz Closed End Hershey "Crimped" end. (4)
  • Gallon paint can front/back designs (3)
  • Gallon paint can lids (2)
  • Quart paint can front/back (2)
  • Quart paint can lids (2)
  • Tag
  • Gable or Snack Box Front
  • Gable or Snack Box Back


You MAY resize the quart to a gallon or the gallon to a quart if you like. The designs are slightly different so whatever your preference, you may use! The gallon comes without the registration marks for that reason.