Animation football wrappers

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This is a large set. CD service is recommended but not required.  If you would like your files sent to you on a CD, click the CD link to the left and add it to your cart.

This is a huge set consisting of SEVERAL predesigned wraps ready for your personalization in Wrap Candy. It also comes with  UNIQUE graphics so you can mix it up and make endless combinations of offerings! All of the graphics and wraps are shown to the left.  They include 3x4 and sandwich size baggie toppers, mintbooks and sucker covers, paint can designs in both gallon and quart, STOE & CLE wraps, lifesavers, mini bars, disposable salt & pepper shakers, and over 40 background.  Not to mention you get the GRAPHICS!


Football Wrapper & Graphic Set



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Includes pre-designs and Graphics


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